Window AC Installation In Hyderabad

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Window AC installation

: For window AC installation start with removing the glass or network from the window. A window AC element is serious and requires at least 2 people for installation. A window AC unit has following parts: • External case or border • Internal unit • Front monitor • Remote control Window AC installation requires following tools • Screw • Screwdriver • Drill machine • Hold brackets • Direct panels (Optional) • Basic tool box

What is built-in in window AC installation

In window AC installation, first the external case is firmly fixed in the window with the help of screw. The inner unit of window AC is then resolutely fixed in the outer case with the help of screws. After the inner element of window AC is correctly fixed in the outer case, the window AC is switch on to check if it is starts right. Then the front screen or the cover is quietly fixed on the inner unit. Lastly the air filter of window AC is inserted in place and the front cover is closed.

Important rule for window AC installation

• A window air conditioner should be installed in such a way that the back end is somewhat lower than the front end. A dissimilarity of 1 inch is fine. If the unit is too low at face than the strong water leaks from the front quite than dripping from the back end of the air conditioner. • Window AC must be installed at a right height. The best height for window AC installation is 3-4 feet from the floor • A window air conditioner has to be installed in an area that provides proper airing. • A window AC is supposed to be installed at a place away from heat basis. • Ensure that present is easy drainage for strong water drenched out of AC • Do not fix window AC element in an area bear to rain or direct sunshine. • Final check: After the indoor unit of split AC, outdoor unit of split AC, copper pipes, drain hose and all electrical relations of split AC are precisely installed, the air conditioner is switched on to check if it is plant properly.